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World of Warcraft’s Silvermoon City is being rebuilt in Minecraft. World of Warcraft’s Silvermoon City is getting a Minecraft upgrade, and screenshots of this ongoing work have been released by Reddit user Lillmy03.

The Reddit thread (opens in a new tab) (seen by Icy Veins (opens in a new tab)) includes a screenshot of a blood elf capital door in Eversong Woods, with trees across the high street and a golden square around the main entrance. . You can even see the dotted flowers surrounding the small trees on the side. Other photographs include a map overlay and a Walk of Elders, within the city itself.

Building familiar spaces from other games in Minecraft must take a lot of planning (and patience). And the Silvermoon City has to be smart especially as you can just jump off a flying mountain and get a good view of the universe.

In Minecraft, World of Warcraft’s Silvermoon City is being rebuilt.

Still, that does not seem to be the case — Genshadt’s Genshin Impact (opening a new tab) has been granted Minecraft treatment earlier this year, and this Breath of the Wild (opening in a new tab) map is amazing.

“It’s still very bad and there is a lot that needs to be clarified, but it makes sense! It will take a while to finish all this,” said Lillmy03. I’m sure it will have to wait.

How to Watch Minecraft Now, which will unveil Spongebob DLC

If you are wondering how to watch Minecraft Now, a video series that gives players a look at how different game features work and test the future that includes the new Spongebob DLC, we have for you.

The news release promises that we’ll be looking at what caused the mangroves, some information about the creation of the awesome Warden, and regular conversations about the wild update. If you want to watch it for yourself, you will be happy to know that it will appear on YouTube, so you can watch it there and see the live broadcast, or just watch it in your own time after the game. a more relaxed feeling.

And that’s not all, as the news post also says we’ll be looking at another Spongebob DLC coming. We can assume that this will be done legally, like Lightyear DLC. Hopefully, this will be more than just a leather bag, as we would love to have the opportunity to play under the sea in Bikini Bottom.

How to View Minecraft Now in June

You can watch Minecraft Now for June on the Minecraft YouTube channel. This is on June 30 at 5 pm BST / 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.

It will be interesting to see which characters are included as well. We can all pray for Handsome Squidward, but we are not sure how well you will translate into blocky style.

If you are in a position to see other DLCs and pick up some free stuff. You will be happy to know that the Minecraft market has a great old auction right now.

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