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Xbox and PlayStation :Beautiful road trip of Road 96 launched



The amazing trip is going to launch on PlayStation and Xbox. The Road 96 is gaining a lot of limelight after its launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in the latter months of 2021. Steam users have given ‘very positive’ reviews of the game. The Road 96 has also gathered multiple awards. Now is the time for a beautiful, rather crazy road trip of Road 96 on Xbox and Playstation. The game is available on Xbox to play. The game is available today for play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. In addition to this gamers can also play it on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The game is created by the DigixArt team. The helping hand of DigixArt is Ravenscourt. Road-96 is an all-time-evolving story-driven adventure. The game play will take players to all levels of exciting and beautiful spots. The game is worth all your effort and time. The inspiration for the game is taken from Tarantino. The producer of the game Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-ho promises that the game will deliver a lifetime trip, as the players of the game will attempt to grip a number of different situations in the entire game.

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The game got a lot of appreciation in the market, among players and the experts. The creator of the game includes names such as Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold in the catalog. This proves that the producers know about game creation and that is the motivating factor behind the creator team of the game. The wait for the release of the game will be over soon. The game is being released on Xbox and PlayStation. Recently, the game has taken home several awards at the Pegasus awards- Best Indie Games, Best Accessibility, Beyond the Indie Game, Best Narrative Design, and Best Sound Design. The game is next in the line for release on Xbox 2022.

Key features of Road 96

The trip is a crazy and beautiful trip and discovers unusual people and exciting places on the personal journey of freedom. It is an ever-evolving story filled with adventure taking inspiration from Tarantino. The game is made by award-winning creators in the gaming industry Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold. Road 96 is announced to be the part of OMEN presents initiative started by HP. The game will let you experience moments of action, human encounters, contemplative melancholy, wacky situations, and exploration. The context of the setup is authoritarian rule and oppression. The game comes with a stunning visual style. A soundtrack of that is filled with 90s hits and thousands of routes allowing the player to create their own unique stories on the Road 96.

Final Note

It will be all different vibe when you will play Road 96 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be on PC soon. For now, though, you have to hit the Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, or Steam where you can get to see the unraveling of the game for a while and enjoy the beauty. The cost of the game is around £15.99.


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