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Xbox Sequel:Developer Says Quality Is Through the Roof



The sequel to Hellblade is coming to Xbox. Ninja Theory is one of the developers of Hellblade. Hellblade is formally titled as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Ninja Theory praises the overall quality of the game. When Hellblade is first launched in 2019, ninja theory was very hard at the game. For quite some time, the developers didn’t like the game at all. They didn’t like the gameplay and the quality of the title. Ninja Theory had worked very very hard to update the game, to meet up the expectations of the developers. The game is not in store yet. However, those working on the project say that the game is quite impressive.

Xbox Sequel: Quality Is Through the Roof

In an interview with a Spanish publication, the designer of the game talks a bit about the game. He reveals that the game Hellbalde 2 will be in store soon. Though the date of the release is not out yet. The enhanced quality of the game is really impressive. It is convinced about the capability of Ninja Theory to come up with a good quality game. The  Ninja’s studio development team has grown significantly, both in quality and quantity.

In an interview, it comes that the company is working very hard to raise the bar of the game. They are trying their best to do more with fewer resources and come up with high-end games. However, the quality they are trying to give this time versus the previous game has a huge difference. The team behind the upcoming game is pushing its limit to achieve the best.

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The audience is not satisfied with the previous game because the number of enemies in the game was not enough. This time the team and Ninja Theory are trying to add more variety to the game, to make it different from the previous one. The company is trying to give a whole new experience of the game to the fans. This is very interesting to hear that the combat is completely different from the previous game.

Final Note

At this point, we do not have a release date for the game. Whenever the game is released it will come to PC and Xbox Series X only. If you want to get more updates regarding the game, until its launch, you can check out the recent trailer of the game launch by the company


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