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YouTuber turns Minecraft’s ocean into a shark-infested ocean. The world of Minecraft has changed so dramatically since it first saw the light of day in 2009, but the basic principles of the game haven’t been significantly compromised.

The game has gone through so many iterations

In fact, the game has gone through so many iterations that it is impossible to play it in its original form.

That’s before mentioning fans who stop by and tweak the game with mods and custom texture packs. So someone decided to add some new sailor creatures.

As you can see on PCGamesN, YouTuber SystemZee, whose real name is Austin, has succeeded in adding sharks to Minecraft with the help of a custom mob creator and some friends. In addition, they created a new type of slime that attacks from the bottom of the ocean and surfers that can pull players into the water. Sharks are probably the most interesting.

The main reason is that it doesn’t attack immediately. In other words, they can smell blood.

To make the ocean even scarier, as if that weren’t enough, SystemZee also created what they call a cyclone. Minecraft has an ender dragon boss, but the cyclone is an underwater adversary that not only looks creepy but can also summon whirlpools to kill players. The video ends with YouTuber challenging a friend to race a submarine and actually challenging this tentacle beast with this fake pretend.

Minecraft already has a wide variety of mobs that have been added over the years. Some of the classics like Skeletons and Creeper were there from the beginning. But new ones like Allay have just entered the world of blocks. With some dolphins, sharks don’t feel like a big leap for developers.

In general, it shows fan-based creativity. Even after more than a decade of games, another YouTuber has recently recreated Minecraft assets. By using artificial intelligence, creating incredible builds and complex Redstone gimmicks for other fans. It’s not surprising that it’s still powerful.

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